Reignhour Media Announces the Publication of Modern Epic Sci-Fi Novel, DAY OF RAIN Series

Reignhour Media has announced the publication of DAY OF RAIN - Rise Of The False Prophet by C.A. Hartway, the first installment of the new DAY OF RAIN series

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Columbus, Ohio - July 24, 2014

Reignhour Media (Reignhour Ltd) has announced the publication of DAY OF RAIN - Rise Of The False Prophet by C.A. Hartway, the first installment of the daringly modern epic DAY OF RAIN series.

DAY OF RAIN - Rise Of The False Prophet ( is the story of Dr. Malecki Sadeq (Maleki) and his adopted son Christopher (Chris), who both share a common purpose - to save all creation from destruction.

In the near future, Helel (Lucifer) and his demonic hosts are cast out of Heaven and thrown to the Earth where he will lead his wicked army into the portals of time to destroy humanity, and more determinately, the Messiah. If he is victorious, all creation, including the Throne of Heaven will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity. The integrity of God hangs in the balance should the Messiah be murdered before His appointed time.

Heaven's angels have been sent into the world as well, to prepare for the great war, Armaggedon against Helel and his wicked army. However, the angels are not aware of their own immortality, for they are "asleep" in human form, walking the earth in dormancy until they are awakened by the 7th angel.

Meanwhile, Malecki guards a horrifying secret. Beneath the foundation of the St. James University Cathedral, a demon known as Raphan has been held prisoner for over 500 years awaiting his judgment. Malecki must confront the dangers of visiting this crafty demon in order to learn the enemy's plot in an effort to save all creation, including Heaven itself from eternal damnation.

For the past 8 years, author C.A. Hartway has worked to complete his first novel, and has dared to tread (carefully) through biblical events and world history to ask the question, "what if..?" and to suggest an outcome. He has successfully completed such an udertaking that endeavors to be a monumental work in the art of literature.

C.A. Hartway, born May 24, 1968 in Columbus, Ohio, is an artist and author. He is married to Michelle Hartway and is also the father of three sons, Christopher (Jr.), Michael, and Jordan. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Business from Franklin University and resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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